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About Us

PalmarySoft Company is an active developer of the commercial and custom software.

Our staff members are high-class specialists with experience of joint work since 1996. Prior to joining PalmarySoft they held a number of positions in commercial organizations and scientific institutions, specialized in software development. Some of them hold Master's, other- Bachelor's degree in either computer-aided design or digital image processing.

Our staff members have had considerable experience of developing applications for different operation systems (Windows ™, Windows Mobile ™ and Palm OS ™ among them). This work included non-standard low-level programming.

Members of our staff have also participated in a number of projects carried out at different times in the following areas (only those projects are mentioned, in which they held the position of leading programmer or higher):

  • Computer-aided cartography and digital image processing
  • Digital signal processing and computer graphics
  • Geoinformation systems and ecological monitoring
  • Computer management and OS shell for mobile computers
  • Complex accounting in an enterprise

Our company aims to develop non-trivial, algorithmically complex software, which will provide a new quality of the program solutions.

We offer the following services to private and corporate customers:

  • Development of Palm OS and Windows Mobile platforms software
  • Licensing of PalmarySoft company software
  • Acquisition of exclusive right of possession and sale of PalmarySoft company software

At present we work on the development of the commercial software for mobile platforms in computer graphics and image digitizing. At the same time, active position on the market of the software development makes us search for new ideas and projects.

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